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 Bug Brother is watching them  
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Questions de vie privée:
Aucune étude n'a, à ce jour, révélé au monde francophone l'étendue de la surveillance des employés au travail, mais le bulletin lambda et zdnet se sont fait un devoir de nous informer sur l'avancée du programme Echelon, ainsi que des menaces de frenchelon, son équivalent français, et ses "variantes" européennes. En attendant d'en savoir plus, rien ne vous empêche de vous informer là :


ACLU In Brief Electronic Monitoring
AFCEA International intelligence electronique
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know your ennemy
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QA Information Security AB - Codename Echelon
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The National Security Archive at George Washington University
The Surveillance List Forum, surveillance, electronic surveillance, surveillance technology, Surveillance, Electronic surveilla
U.S. Electronic Espionage A Memoir
what is enfopol
Who's Watching You CDT's Snoop 2.0
Windows 98 RegWiz privacy leak demo page
Workplace Privacy

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ABC News.com Your Boss Is Spying
BBC News World Global spy network revealed
Be A Net Spy! Really! (Maybe)
Big Browser has repalced Big Brothers - nylj.com
CFP99 - Cukier paper - frenchelon
Chicago Tribune Print Edition -- TRACKING NET'S PRYING EYES
CNET features - privacy in the digital age 2
CNET features - privacy in the digital age
CNET.com - Technology terrors! 10 products that will scare you to death
Concern Over Cell Surfing-Sprint phone reveals number to Web sites
Cyber Safe or Gov't Surveillance
Echelon - Le Soir
Every Bite You Take, They'll Be Watching You
Faut-il surveiller l'usage d'Internet dans les entreprises
InfoWar.Com, Info-Sec and Infowar Portal, The Internet Global Clearinghouse for Information Warfare, Cybercrime Reporting
Interview ECHELON Was My Baby
National Security Agency Letter to Congressional Offices
Net-mag, chronique NE LAISSEZ AUCUNE TRACE...
New KGB Takes Internet by SORM
NSA Report to Congress on Legal Standards for Electronic Surveillance
PC World Online September 1998 - You Are for Sale
Salon Technology Your boss may be monitoring your e-mail
Someone to watch over you - Salon Mag
Web Law Review, Maintaining Employment Records Electronically, Summer 1997
Who's Controlling Cyberspace - Lawrence Lessing
Your Ears Are Their Business
ZDNet News Privacy groups aim to block wiretap rules
ZDNet PC Computing You Are Being Watched
ZDNet UK News Surveillance

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monitoring tools

Dick Tracy Inc. hold surveillance
Infoseekers Information Service - Best public records source on the web. The one-stop public records shop, physician reports, b
Intergraph Security Solutions SecureView
Internet Resource Manager - Monitor and Rport on Employees Internet activity
Internet Spy
IOPUS Software Stealth Access Control, Automatic, invisible POP3 - SMTP email sender, Screen flipping and more
JSB Software Technologies plc - products
Kansmen Corporation - LittleBrother
key loggers
Keyboard Keystroke Logger for PC KeyGhost record or monitor key board strokes on PC
Omniquad Desktop Surveillance - select edition
Omniquad Detective
SecureNet Pro
Software for investigators and PC investigations
Stealth Software page
Tropical Software, PC Security for Windows, Stealth Encryptor, Keyboard Monitor and Ergonomic Timer
vnuneu LinkStudio, un espion au service des éditeurs
Websense How It Works Monitoring
WinVista Knows where your users have been!

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